Top 5 Most Common Allergy-Inducing Factors in the Workplace that All Employees Should Know Today

March 10, 2020

Feeling stuffy in the office? Your runny nose may be triggered by allergens you come across at your desk.

This can cause stress and lower productivity rates if not addressed. This is why it is important to figure out what those allergens are and how to avoid them.

A dirty office can lead to allergy issues (Source: Pixabay)

Most Common Allergy-Inducing Factors in the Office

Here are some of the most common allergy-inducing materials and particles that are present in all workplaces.

Top 5: Cleaning Products

The reality is, many cleaning products are harsh and can irritate the nose or skin. It also doesn't help that many people are sensitive to smells like bleach and chemicals. This deadly combo leads to the irritation of the sense of smell, thus, allergies happen from even just a whiff of cleaning products.

Also, it can be that workers are allergic to the chemicals cleaning products contain. To avoid the irritation caused by chemicals, it would be wise to use non-toxic cleaning products in the workplace.

It's a plus to use those that are environmentally friendly too! With that said, janitorial Maintenance services in Denver, Summit Maintenance, offers cleaning solutions for the workplace that do not use harsh chemicals.

Top 4: Different Fragrances

Putting your best foot forward in the office is not a crime. Unfortunately, some of your co-workers might not be too keen on you using strongly-blended perfumes. These fragrances are made with both natural and chemical ingredients that can cause allergies to act up!

Some offices have already implemented a no-fragrance policy. Unfortunately, most have not. The solution to avoid this type of allergy is to have a conversation with your desk-mate to keep the perfume to a minimum.

Top 3: Mice

Mice are pesky creatures that harm your office (Source: Pixabay)

No, we don’t mean your desk mouse. We mean living pests that infiltrate and pollute your breathing space. Many are allergic to mice, even when exposed to just the smell of their urine.

It is essential to keep the office properly ventilated until the professionals come to exterminate your pest problem. If your office is located in Denver, you are in luck. Summit Maintenance offers personalized industrial cleaning services for any floor maintenance you may need in the Denver area.

Top 2: Moldy Interiors

Mold is not easily spotted in offices but it is very common to breathe in around moisture-high areas. Aside from mold causing allergies, it is also toxic to anyone within its proximity.

The best way to keep mold at bay is to ventilate the building properly to avoid the build-up. But, if it is unavoidable, then you have to make sure to hire a professional to get rid of the molds.

Top 1: Dust Particles

And finally, the most common allergen in the office is none other than dust. Since dust is anywhere, it can be difficult to contain.

Even when your office is sparkly clean, dust will find a way to get into the crevices of your desk, laptop, keyboards, and more. To get rid of dust, the basic thing to do is to clean every inch of the office regularly.

Dust build-up usually happens in forgotten office spaces, so make sure to clean those parts as well. It is advisable to get a professional janitorial maintenance service in Denver or wherever you are to help you with this problem.

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A good office is a clean office (Source: Pixabay)

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