Boost Productivity and More by Hiring Post-construction Cleaning Services

June 23, 2020

It is a fact that construction companies are often faced with tight schedules and deadlines. This is why many construction contractors would rather move quickly from finished sites to new projects and avoid wasting their skilled workers’ time on cleaning the area. Fortunately, if you own or manage a building company, you can achieve this goal by getting professional business cleaning services. By doing this, you can enjoy a quick and cost-effective transition from completed projects to new ones, and you can ensure that your clients will enjoy a finished site that has been thoroughly cleaned by a fully trained crew.

Let the experts take care of post-construction cleaning for efficient results. (Image Source: Pixabay)

What Commercial Post Construction Cleanup Companies Do

When you hire a construction cleanup contractor, you’ll have access to a full range of post-construction cleaning services in Denver that will get your newly built property ready for move-in day. Once your crew has completed the building process, you can call the pros to take care of the post-construction cleaning process.

Here are some of the tasks that your construction cleanup company can do for you:

  • Clean all doors, door frames, window frames, baseboards, and crown molding.
  • Clean all bathroom vanities, vanity mirrors, toilets, and towel racks.
  • Clean all cabinets and shelves (inside and out) to remove excess construction residues, stains, and adhesives where possible.
  • Polish stainless steel surfaces.
  • Clean all woodwork.
  • Clean air vents and returns.
  • Clean all doors and door hardware as well as door thresholds.
  • Clean out all drawers in closets, pantries, and countertops.
  • Clean all sinks, tubs, and showers.
  • Clean all appliances. Remove plastic wrappers and cardboard when requested.
  • Clean all fireplaces.
  • Clean stair handrails, balusters, and posts.
  • Sweep and mop tile floors and varnished floors.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Sweep the basement, garage, patio, and porch.
  • Clean the interior and exterior windows when requested by the client.

The Benefits of Hiring Commercial Post Construction Cleanup Services

Now that you have seen the specifics of what post-construction firms can offer, we will now look at the benefits that they can provide to your company and your clients.

Listed below are the key benefits of hiring post-construction business cleaning services:

Safer Cleanup Operations

It can be dangerous to let your maintenance personnel handle post-construction cleaning. This is because debris like nails, broken wood or glass, and other sharp objects might still be lying around the construction site. Not only that: fine dust from the construction process (or even possibly asbestos from concrete) can harm your employees’ health. However, this safety concern won’t be a problem if you hire professionals that specialize in construction cleaning in Denver and have the knowledge to get the cleanup process done safely and efficiently.

Avoid Property Damage

Aside from safety hazards, letting non-professionals handle post-construction cleanup can cause you to run the risk of damaging your building. Nails, screws, small wood pieces, and other types of debris may possibly scratch your floor and walls and do other types of damage. This means that your newly constructed building might need repairs instead of being ready for business. You can easily prevent this from happening when you hire a dependable post-construction cleanup company. By trusting experts on post-construction cleanups, you can be sure that your building will be cleaned according to the highest standards.

Waste Disposal Done Right

Disposing of waste materials from a construction site isn’t as easy as disposing of standard household waste. You can’t just toss them in your garbage bins; if you do, you’ll run the risk of breaking your local waste disposal rules and regulations. When this happens, you can get in trouble with the law and face a hefty fine for improper waste disposal. However, when you get professional cleaning services in Denver, you can get rid of your construction waste materials without any worries. Since your construction cleanup experts are familiar with local rules and regulations, they will bring your leftover materials and construction debris to the appropriate recycling and disposal facilities, and they will comply with the law every step of the way.

Saves You Precious Time, Effort, and Money

If you manage an office and are planning to renovate it, you need to know that construction work can disrupt your normal business operations. The noise, the clutter, the people going to and fro to finish the construction— all of these can interrupt you and your employees. You want to minimize this disruption as much as possible, which is why it is better to trust professionals when it comes to construction cleanup. These experts have access to all the tools, equipment, and products that allow them to give your newly constructed or renovated building a good clean and finish the task in a fast and efficient way. As a result, they can quickly complete the post-construction cleaning process, and you can resume your business operations ASAP.

Attain a Complete and Thorough Clean

When you hire a professional post-construction cleaning company, you can expect to receive high-quality services. No one else can do a thorough clean like the pros. If you’re not an expert in post-construction cleaning, you probably won’t know where to start and how to completely remove all dirt and debris from the area. However, these aren’t a problem for experienced cleaners since they have the expertise to make your construction site completely free of construction debris and leftover building materials. With their skills and knowledge, they can make your site ready for business within the shortest possible time.

Customized cleaning services make it easier to focus on your target areas for your commercial establishment. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Customized Cleaning Services

Here at Summit Maintenance, we make sure that our post-construction cleanup services are tailored to our clients’ unique needs. The removal of construction debris is just the beginning.

To start a thorough cleanup, we will vacuum all areas to remove fine dust from fixtures, cabinets (both outside and inside), light fixtures, windows, floors, and carpeting. We’ll then clean fixtures, cabinets, window sills, and countertops throughout the site, and we’ll vacuum the floors and remove protective films from windows before washing them. Our crews are instructed to pay special attention to all bathrooms and kitchen areas to ensure that all fixtures and surfaces are move-in ready. Of course, we’ll remove debris from the exterior of your property and ensure that it’s ready for paving and landscaping. Simply give us your special instructions and our crew will get the job done to your specifications.

At Summit Maintenance, we provide high-quality business cleaning services in Denver and cater to various industries like retail, construction, commercial real estate, banking, government, and many more. You can visit this page to see a full list of the services that we can provide to your company. Know more about the Summit Maintenance advantage here, and feel free to give us a call at (303) 458-1912 so we can discuss our cleaning services and identify the options that fit your needs.