4 Types of Floor in Your Business Space Where Industrial Cleaning Services Can Work With

January 07, 2020

Cleaning and maintaining a commercial building involves a lot of things, one of which is floor maintenance. The best way to prolong and keep your floor tiles in good condition is to have it cleaned and maintained at all times.

This is where the importance of hiring an industrial cleaning services company gets into the picture. Floor replacement is a huge expense. Thus, preventative maintenance is crucial for commercial establishments, especially for high traffic areas.

How to maintain your flooring. (Image Source: Unsplash)

Different flooring type requires different cleaning methods. Here are some common types of flooring materials and how to clean them.

For VCT Tile Floors

VCT tile floors require regular machine scrub, along with the use of the properly diluted solution and thorough rinsing. When the tire is dry, professional cleaners use “spray buff’ to keep the tile shiny.

This is applicable if the tile has fewer than three to five coats of the polish left. They will be adding a layer of finish after the machine cleaning.

Another good option is the “clean and burnishes” method. This involves the use of burnishing chemicals to bring back the glossy look of the tiles after cleaning.

High-speed burnishing also involves the use of a special machine that spins fast with rougher pads (burnishing pads). They can also be used to repair the finish to a smooth shine delay the need to recoat the floor.

For Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles are fairly easy to clean. The grout (space between the tiles) however, requires extra steps to thoroughly clean. Regular cleaning isn’t enough to keep grouts from looking dingy and dirty.

Also, the frequency of cleaning depends on how much foot traffic an area gets daily. Professional cleaners use special cleaning solutions to keep grout clean and clear.

Some ceramic flooring requires specific cleaning products so as not to damage the tile. Thus, there will be more reasons for you to employ their services for the overall impact of your business.

For Concrete Floors

A simple mopping is usually enough when cleaning concrete floors. This is especially important for polished concrete floors, or concrete floors that regularly see high foot traffic. However, you will be needing more than that.

For thorough maintenance, concrete floors require scheduled deep cleaning to keep it attractive and functioning. Most industrial cleaning services cleaners use special equipment to deep clean and quickly dry concrete floors.

As with the VCT tile, sealants may be reapplied. You can do this after the machine scrub to keep the floor clean and shiny.

For Rubber Floors

Rubber floors are the ones you usually see in kids’ play areas or the gym. They are easy to clean daily, as all you usually need is a vacuum (or a sweep) and a mop. A wet-dry vacuum can suck up excess water as well.

However, as with most types of floors, rubber floors also need a deep cleaning to remove dirt, stains, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Also, deep cleaning keeps the floors sanitary and safe.

Pro-cleaners from most industrial cleaning services uses floor stripper to get rid of trapped dirt, grimes, and stains. But since it can also remove the finish of the rubber flooring, they will have to refinish the floor as well.

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