Give Your Business a Boost by Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

May 26, 2020

Any business owner wants to make sure that their company runs as well as possible. That said, many will disregard the cleanliness of their offices because of everything else they have going on. Still, one of the best things that you can do for your company is to keep the premises clean, and you can do this conveniently by hiring trusted local cleaning services in your area. Read more about it below:

What They Do

A professional corporate cleaning business will work out a personalized plan for your company’s specific needs. These companies focus on large-scale work and commercial properties. They possess the industry knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to carry out these types of services. Not only will a facilities management company develop a custom plan for you, they also provide a variety of cleaning services available upon request.

Available Commercial Cleaning Services

Listed below are some of the commercial cleaning services you can avail of for the maintenance of your business establishment:

Power/Pressure Wash Service

As time passes, dirt and grime are bound to gather in concrete, gravel, and brick slabs on solid interiors. For the dirt below the surface which has set in, nothing but pressure washing can do the trick. Pressure washing will remove the effects of year-round sun, rain, mold, mildew, algae, and surface dirt using high propulsion jets of water and other equipment. Even the high or slippery locations of your building can be cleaned with ease and speed.

Construction Clean and Final Clean

This cleaning service ensures that the building is thoroughly cleaned and ready for occupancy. It mainly involves the removal of large items like debris, leftover construction materials, and other things that can’t easily be removed via vacuums. After the dust and dirt have settled in the construction site, the more minute details are then paid attention to like possible smudges, fingerprints, and other imperfections that are inspected and thoroughly tidied.

Janitorial Maintenance

The maintenance of your business premises is a huge factor that can impact success. (Image Source: Unsplash)

Expert custodians create a customized cleaning program to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your work environment. Listed below are some of the usual janitorial services offered by local cleaning services:

  • Mopping
  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming
  • Trash Removal
  • Repairs

Deep Cleaning

To improve the conditions of the office space, scheduled cleaning won’t be enough if you want to make sure no contaminants and bacteria can propagate. Deep cleaning not only cleans the surface, but also sanitizes the whole of the area thoroughly to kill viruses and disease-causing bacteria.

Retail Cleaning

In a restaurant or brick-and-mortar shop, the ambiance is a factor that keeps foot traffic and sales high. The upkeep and maintenance of retail stores is called retail cleaning. This service involves carpet cleaning, door and window upkeep, fitting room cleaning, and more. It focuses on areas where different kinds of customers frequent each day.

Why Maintenance Is Crucial to Your Business

  • Making a Good First Impression – You’ve heard this a million times before, but making a good first impression is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to developing business connections. When your clients or potential business partners walk into your office, the space around you will reflect your personality and it will affect the opinion they have of you.
  • Your Brand – If you keep your office clean, you’re also speaking on behalf of your brand. A cleaner work environment will tell the people who walk into your office that your brand is superior and that your business is worth putting effort into.
  • Your Employees – Your employees will be spending a good portion of their lives at their workspace, which makes your company their second home. When their work environment is being taken care of, they will feel more motivated to work efficiently.

Looking for professional commercial cleaning services can be quite tricky. (Image Source: Unsplash)

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

Many business owners prefer hiring a professional cleaning company for the many benefits, including the elimination of employee taxes, health, and training costs. After all, you can get a professional service done and write it off as a business expense. It’s a win-win if you hire the right commercial cleaning company.

Here’s a list of mistakes you need to avoid to make sure you choose the right local cleaning services for your business:

  • The first mistake you can make when choosing a commercial cleaning company is hiring the service with the lowest cost. These companies are often not the best deal because they may cut corners, use cheaper cleaning products, and pay lower wages which leads to higher turnover rates. A reputable commercial cleaning service will visit your business and understand your business needs first before supplying a service quote.
  • Another mistake is not understanding the service contract. Many companies will want a signed contract that will lock you into their service for 12 months or more. Every contract should have reasonable recourse in case you’re not happy with the service. To protect yourself, look for a service offering a trial period or a month-to-month contract that lists the specific services performed.
  • Not considering the company’s experience. A company with a long history will have training programs and systems in place for a variety of business environments. They will also have the experience to handle unique and even unusual cleaning problems.
  • Not asking for references and proof of insurance. A reputable company will always provide references and insurance documents to support its legitimacy. If they can’t show you their permits and they don’t have any satisfied customers they can refer you to, you should start thinking twice about trusting them with the cleanliness of your facility.

Your business’ reputation is on the line. Make sure to hire expert commercial cleaners. (Image Source: Unsplash)

We understand that first impressions can have a lasting impact on the reputation of your business. At Summit Maintenance, we are committed to providing commercial cleaning services of the highest quality, by working with you to develop a routine that best suits individual needs and budgets.

If you’re looking for professional cleaning services Denver-wide, you should give us a call at (303) 458-1912. We provide 24/7 services to guarantee minimal disruption to your normal business operating hours. Learn more about the Summit Maintenance Advantage via this link.