Our Best Practices

Summit Maintenance is managed by experts who make a practice of being in the field, not just behind a desk. Our company practice of on-site checks means that we see what needs doing before owners do or customers complain. Our managers are solely dedicated to assessing property condition and directing the right repairs using the right service providers so that you save money. Our ability to source these repairs and regular maintenance PLUS our team approach means that no effort is wasted and your budget is not compromised. We have developed our own proprietary BEST PRACTICES, processes for providing cost-effective retail maintenance services that exceed customer's expectations using:

  • The latest technological advances
  • Proven management techniques
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance Policy

Accelerator CC

Marketing Software to YOUR Customers – The 5 Critical Intangibles to Success

You run a savvy, future focused cleaning company. You know that streamlining your systems and processes with a powerful software tool is an extremely valuable asset to your business. We tend to agree. Even with all of this insight, it’s possible that you’re not sure exactly why it’s so important and how specifically to communicate that message to your customers. A.CC would like to help you develop a message to your customer base that should help paint the picture of just how valuable YOU are to them and the choices you make to create efficiencies directly correlate to benefit THEM as your loyal customers.

In considering the benefits and values of a commercial cleaning software system it’s too easy to start talking about features and functionality. In fact, we are challenged with this every time we start to write any marketing piece. We had to shift our focus off of the bells and whistles and more toward the intangibles, the things you can’t touch, feel, click, tap or scroll over. This is where the real value lies in creating any efficiency in your business model. Now that we know that, here’s what we feel have the most impact from your customers’ perspective

Take a look at the Property Manager or Business Owner’s decision to hire a commercial cleaner, janitorial or business service company – however you categorize yourself. They have a need, and you meet it. That has no bearing on which company they choose and how long they stay with you. That loyalty is earned over time and is probably the single most important factor to the long term success of your business. Anyone with a mop can win a bid contract ONCE.

Accelerator CC has identified 5 major factors of Customer Loyalty and just how each of those is enhanced by a smart, sophisticated software tool. Let’s take a look at each one.


This is a no-brainer, your customer puts keys to their buildings in YOUR hands, provide you with their security codes and give you keycards to access their most private and secure areas. Trust is not implied, it’s earned and you’ve worked long and hard to get there


Want to create a culture of accountability? You have no choice but to hold your staff and sub-contractors accountable for YOUR reputation. Text or emailed notifications and follow ups on when to be there, knowing that they are onsite and exactly when the work is complete. Your customer holds you accountable, you hold your people accountable and through the software you can prove it. You can see what’s coming up, what has been completed and by whom, sort by promised dates and don’t hesitate to export all that data into a report to SHOW to your customer.


This is where we separate the “guys with a mop” from the polished and professional. You have their trust and you’re proving just how accountable you are. Quality scores, training programs, improvement policies, task tracking and ticket resolution in a visible manner give you an edge to the perception of your company to your customer. Polished, accurate and professional quotes, walk through, bids and proposals, in an easy streamlined process from beginning to end is apparent from the first contact with your customer. You don’t miss a beat and it shows.


Nobody wants to work with a company that is primarily reactive. If your customer has to reach out to you to resolve an issue, to notify you that the restrooms are out of toilet paper, the lobby windows are filthy or the elevator is smeared with fingerprints, you have a problem. Your people on site are your eyes and ears and with inventory tracking on tablets, management of regular cleaning tasks and one time requests, you are all over it, any issue is handled before your customers had time to reach out.


Everything we’ve talked about is important, you show up, you’re on top of every issue, your people are polished, professional and you’ve proven your trust time and again. Now, let’s get down and dirty, pun intended. What is your quality score? Are you keeping track? Do you have stats on which people are performing and which areas may be in need of addressing? Can you show your customers how your presence in their building has impacted their own professional and polished image? The ability to show this, to prove it is something that sets you apart. You can arm your customers with data to prove just how clean their space is and how they’ve chosen the best partner to manage their facilities. If you can do this, you can help your customers market their building to their current and prospective tenants.